Top Ways to Prepare for Your First Marathon

Are you running your first marathon? As exciting as it might sound, a marathon is something that you need to prepare yourself for. Though it might appear intimidating at first, however, with proper training & determination, you can get over your first marathon like a cakewalk. Whatever might be your reason for running the marathon, you must be prepared for the big run in advance.

With proper planning and preparation, you can make it through the marathon quite easily and be proud of your achievement. Here are some top ways to help you prepare for the big run:

  • Come Up with the Right Training Plan: It is not possible for you to run the whole distance straight out of the door. Therefore, it is important to devise a proper plan that will help in gradually building up you mileage as well as endurance while taking ample rest to be prevented from the overdose injuries. A famous running coach named John Loftus claims that one should consider taking up a training plan that takes into account the running background & experience of the runner. This specialized training plan begins with encouraging the runner to start slowly, picking up pace, and carefully meeting the demands on a daily basis.


  • Effective Fueling & Recovery: There is no denying the fact that you will be need of some fuel or energy just after your intense running session. However, eating the right kinds of food at the right time can help you significantly in fueling and recovering yourself during the training period. There exists a small window of around 30 minutes after an intense training period during which the body is able to regain & utilize the protein & carbohydrates that had been used during the training exercise. Running experts recommend that you should consume foods that come with a 3:1 protein to carbs ratio.


  • Set Goals: For the first-time marathon runners, the final finishing of the marathon race is itself a big achievement. Experts recommend that beginners tend to focus more on finishing the race and having a good running experience than trying to run too hard. For most of the novice marathon runners, finishing the race must be the primary goal. However, they should still come up with a proper plan of increasing their pace such that they do not get too left behind. By setting certain goals for yourself, you can keep feeling motivated about the race and completing it to the finish line.


  • Prepare Yourself Mentally: The overall confidence level and your mindset during the training period can significantly influence your performance during the race. A successful way of preparing yourself mentally for the race is through ensuring good results when you are in the more challenging training period. This will boost your confidence level to perform much better in the main race.


Learn some of the pro tips to help yourself prepare properly for the first marathon race!

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