The Ways Running Improves Your Health

We’ve all heard the saying that prevention is the best cure—and that saying would be right! What most people may not realize is that exercise is also one of the best preventions there is. Running is an exercise that has been around for decades and you’ll have noticed that it has become popular again in recent years. Running, as an exercise, can give you a lot of health benefits. If you’re not fully convinced, let’s take a look at some of the pretty solid ways that running improves your health.
Running is an effective way to get fit
When you run, you burn a lot of calories in several areas of your body. What’s even better is that even after you run, you continue to burn calories. This event is called Excess Post Oxygen Consumption or “afterburn”. It’s like getting a free pizza after paying for the bill on a sandwich. The best part is that you don’t even have to be sprinting at top speed to get this effect. You can be going a little bit faster than your usual pace and slower than a marathon’s speed and you will still be able to get the afterburn effect.
Running sharpens your mind
A common worry for people is the loss of the ability to focus or retain information when they get older. Good for us then, that our scientists have discovered that running regularly helps fight age-related mental decline. The areas that are always affected by mental decline are multitasking, attention span, and working memory. Studies conducted with older runners versus their peers who don’t run got the results that those who run score better in metal exercises than those who don’t run. In fact, other studies have confirmed that those who run have better retention and analytical skills.
Running strengthens your body
When you run, it’s not just your legs that get healthy. Your lungs, heart, and your brain get a healthy workout too. Running helps boost your lung capacity since controlled breathing is a pretty solid key to running well. Running increases your bone mass and strengthens your knees. You can actually lessen the occurrence of osteoarthritis when you run. You’ll be training your bones and joints to be stronger and less prone to illness. Your brain is getting quite the workout as it works hard to direct your balance, keep a sharp eye on the environment, and do split-second decisions.
Running creates endorphins
Endorphins are the miraculous chemicals in our body that get released whenever we do physical exertion. The effect of endorphins is that we feel lighter and happier. Longtime runners will surely tell you about the “runner’s high”. That feel good rush is the result of endorphins going through the body. Studies have shown that runners are less prone to depression, stress, and anxiety. Being happy is certainly a good reward for keeping yourself healthy.
Running links you to a larger social network
As running has enjoyed a rather spiked popularly as of late, you would be hard pressed to not hear of a fun run or a marathon occurring nearby. Running connects people who share a fondness for the exercise or even those who wish to go pro. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help keep anyone on the healthy track and can make for a pretty positive influence in your life.

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