Pretty Darn Good Running Apps For Android

Without a doubt, running is a pretty good way to burn off extra pounds, sweeten your outlook on life, and boost your core strength. For those who really wanted to get the most out of their running workouts, it wasn’t odd to make use of peripheral devices. These were used to track pacing, distances, and heartbeat rates.

Those were rather big and clunky back then. It’s pretty good then that now runners can measure all that and more at the touch of a screen of their Android phones!

So today, we list out some of those pretty good Android apps for runners.


Touted to be one of the best designed apps for professional runners and athletes. The use is simple and intuitive so it makes it quite easy for anyone to keep a tab on their workout progress. One of the best features is that runners are able to get statistics in real-time.

A feature that’s commonly found in running apps is a mapping system. This enables runners to pre-plan their routes before they start running. This is super helpful as it helps lay out the exact amount of distance without the hassle of getting lost.

This app also provides real-time audio guidance–a really useful feature so you’re hands free and don’t have to check your smartphone every few minutes. Runners get to just plug in their headsets, play their music tracks, and Runkeeper will blend in the audio updates with the music. This app also lets runners pick advanced training plans designed by some of the best pro fitness coaches to further improve the user’s running, fitness, and stamina. All in all, it makes for a unique workout all throughout.

Some cons would be limited access to the features if you’re using the free version. Also, there’s pretty constant reminds to upgrade to Runkeeper Go. However, this is overshadowed by the pros. Runkeeper has a highly accurate pace, distance, steps, and calorie tracking. It providers users the option to adjust the pace of the workout to fit their mood and fitness level. There’s also an advanced 10k, half marathon, and full marathon training plans included. One of the features that won over a lot of fans would be the detailed workout history so runners get to see their progress.

Runkeeper is best for those who are advanced runners who are aiming to personalize their training plans.


If you’re a runner that’s really into features, Runtastic is for you. It’s best that you don’t let the name fool you. Runtastic is a fitness app that’s made not just for runners but for athletes who love outdoor fitness activities. This app also includes biking, skiing, kayaking, and snowboarding.

It allows its users to maintain a lot of all fitness activities so they’ll be able to peruse and analyze their progress in great detail. Runtastic works great for runners because is tracks vital run metrics like distance, average speed, duration, and calories burned. It also logs other details regarding the weather, surface, overall mood, heart-rate and such.

These metrics lets users assess the overall efficacy of their training. User can also set a calorie, distance, or pace goal. For beginners, the app comes with an built-in audio coach that provides real-time audio feedback based on the user’s preference.

What sets Runtastic apart from other running apps is the Runtastic Earth View that lets users watch their workout in 3D. It also has features like auto-pause which pauses the session when the runner stops moving.

A slight setback is that the paid app is a tad pricey. However, the real-time GPS tracking of your fitness activities makes up for it. The detailed statistics of your workouts that come in weekly and monthly charts provides an overview of the progress a user has achieved. There is also an integrated music player that’s part of the app.

So for those who want a powerful yet easy to use solution to tracking their fitness activities, Runtastic is for you.


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