Post-marathon recovery tips part II

Today we’ll continue the list of some top-notch advice for those who have joined a marathon and don’t know what to do after for a successful recovery. As we mentioned in the previous post the post-race process is one of the most significant aspects of participating in a marathon. Once you’re done, you just want to repose and reset your body. With the following tips, you’ll be able to do it correctly and you’ll feel completely recover very quickly.

  1. Sleep and eat protein. After your shower, prepare yourself a nice plate with a protein-rich meal. When you finish your brunch, go to your bed and have the most pleasurable night’s sleep.

For everybody is vital having an excellent nourishment and a proper sleep for functioning throughout the day, and for any runner is even more critical. So, be responsible for your diet and your rest and you’ll feel better.

  1. Keep moving. The day after the marathon arrives and you think: I’ll take the day off. Don’t! You have to keep moving in pursuance of having the blood moving in your legs and simplify the healing process. Is hard but you have to do it, take a nice walk!
  2. Check a therapist. While you’re making the walk recommended on the above tip if you feel something odd like your knee is soring or you have horrifying blisters on your feet, go and see your therapist or coach. Is essential that you’re aware of your body and recognize if something is unusual. And if you have the chance, invest in your health and visit an active release therapist. Why you may wonder…Well, you need help to gaining back the symmetry of your muscles and body and care of any injuries you may have.
  3. Swim, bike or cross train. Before you decide to start running again, you should consider doing others activities that will help you to heal the damaged muscle tissue that was affected. One of the great exercises you can do is swimming; this sport will move your blood around your body and will help you to recover rapidly and efficiently. These activities are recommended 4 days after the marathon, and over a week you can start running one day just 2 miles and so.

Don’t forget that after running a marathon, your recovery must be your primary concern. When you put your body into any activity that requires effort, you should give it a deserved break. I know you want to set new personal sets and continue your working schedule because you have the fear that you’ll lose your current physical activity. The truth is, not taking the necessary time to recover fully can be fatal for your running future.

When you don’t do anything for your recovery, you’ll be damaged with overtraining injuries. Hope you understand the relevance of the post-marathon rehabilitation and that you carry out some of the tips we point out in these posts.

Have a happy running and take care always!

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