4 Tips For New Runners

It’s the middle of the first month of the new year! This makes it the perfect time to pick up new habits for a healthier lifestyle. Running can seem a tad intimidating and overwhelming at first but we’ve got some tips for you today that will help you get started with your running habit.

-Get Good Shoes-

It all starts with the shoes. Wearing the right running shoes is important in avoiding any injuries and will provide comfort as you go out for a run. If you’re unsure of what sort of running shoe will work for you, pay a visit to your local running specialty store. People who work there are usually more knowledgeable than those who work at big name retail stores.

You can ask for recommendations and feel free to try them on to see which would be a better fit. Also, be prepared to drop a pretty penny for your running shoes. Good running shoes will be around $100 to $200 but you shouldn’t let that scare you. There’s no price too steep to make sure your feet and legs are taken care of. On that thought, your trusty shoes need to retire after 400 miles.

-What You Wear Counts-

For a beginner, what you wear is important. The last thing you’d want is chaffing, irritation, and even blisters. Investing in technical fabric running tops, bottoms, and socks can be quite the lifesaver. Good running gear can be made of several different materials which can include bamboo or smartwool. It may even be synthetic like polyester, nylon, or lyrca.

As much as possible, try avoiding 100% cotton as it tends to retain sweat. Technical fabrics are made to allow the moisture to rise up and evaporate–keeping the runner cool and not overheating.

-Don’t Worry About Your Pace-

As you’re just starting out, don’t worry that your pace isn’t as quick or as lengthy as others who have been at it for a while. Your runs should start easy and your priority should be getting a hold of your breathing. The easiest way to find out if you’re going at an easy pace is if you can hold a conversation while you’re going on an easy run. If you can talk in complete sentences without gasping for air, you’re moving at the proper speed that fits your skill set.

Once you’re more confident about your breathing and pace, you can dial up your pace a bit more. That way you can slowly build up your strength and endurance.

-Warm up and Cool Down Properly-

Before any strenuous activity, proper warming up should be done. This will limit cramping and your heart won’t get stressed when you start your run. Starting your easy run with a brisk walk followed by a jog for a few minutes is a pretty effective warm-up session.

As for the cool down, do the reverse. This will get your heart rate and blood pressure to fall gradually. Cooling down helps return the body to its resting state and maintain healthy muscle function. Don’t forget to hydrate and refuel to replenish any fluid and muscle glycogen and repair muscle damage.

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